Have fun & play ball!

Hone your fundamentals.  Improve your skills.

Our 5 state-of-the-art high-definition sports simulators offer multiple sport options.  Choose your favorite or switch between sports during your time at The Sports Buffet.

Bring your own gear or use ours.

HD Sports Available


Improve your swing, solidify those fundamentals, get familiar with your new clubs, or perfect your short game!

We take you virtually to 5 world-class golf courses around the world – no passport required. The sport of golf started the HD sports craze and it’s still our most popular choice.

Baseball Pitching

Ready to focus on your pitching accuracy?

Your time on the mound will improve with consistent practice and focused skill development.

Keep that throwing arm warm and get in shape as you track the baseball’s speed, accuracy, spin, and more.  

Baseball Batting

Is your baseball or softball batting a bit rusty?

Get ready for your baseball season by investing time to get yourself to first base – or swing for the bleachers and get those long balls going.   You can almost hear the cheers!


Bring your hockey stick and improve your accuracy as you shoot around our computerized goalies! Or use the Gamepad controller and see if you can outshoot your friend!

Spend time with your teammates or practice solo to get the “ice” time you need to SCORE next time you’re at the rink. 


Does your dribble & shoot need a tune-up?

Put some power in those shots at the net and get your shooting foot ready for the real game. Plus you can talk smack to our simulated goalie as much as you want!


No tackling is allowed in the simulator rooms, but you can sharpen your throwing arm, accuracy, and spin right here indoors while having a great time during football season, or see how long of a field goal You can kick!  

Your favorite team jersey is not required, but why not?!!


A perfect simulator application, you’ll have the opportunity to build fundamentals, improve aim, and develop accuracy to hit the bullseye more consistently. Practice makes perfect and the skill you’ll build will be amazing!

Use our specialized arrows with sensors in the rubber tips, with the customized bow!


Dribble, Shoot, SCORE!!  Perfect your aim, ball handling, and hone your fundamentals to up your game. 



Tired of wallball drills and want a new way to improve your field game? There’s never enough time on the field to refine your passing and shooting. 

Drop in for some practice or some friendly competition with your crew!


This is such a fun sport to play as a group!

Bring your friends just like a classic bowling alley, but enjoy privacy with your group, then take your turns to perfect your aim for more strikes and spares!


Become a ringer and be the star of the sand pit with some great practice and skill development!

Become comfortable with the weight of the horseshoe, how it flies through the air, and the fly distance with practice.

Or just come with your friends and have a great time!


Bring your friends and enjoy simulated cornhole after a more intense simulated sports training in another sport or plan a weekly event for laughs and casual fun!

Perfect your throw to be a ringer at those summer BBQ’s and get-togethers!

HD SportSuite has been an amazing addition to our family vacation home! I can be busy, but my family and I spend a lot of time there – and with 30+ sports games to choose from…it’s quickly become a hit with all of my friends and family! I can continue training every day while still enjoying the summer with everyone.

- Mitch Marner

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