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Here in the Colorado mountains, playing or keeping your game sharp year-round is a challenge.  Now you don’t have to worry about snow covering the greens or waiting for Summer to arrive to go hit some balls!  

The Sports Buffet serves up indoor “tee times” on some of the world’s most legendary courses on so you can work out hitches in your swing thanks to our video and laser technology. 

HD Golf Simulator Technology


The Sports Buffet’s HD Golf pioneered the use of Computer Vision Technology in the golf & multi-sport simulator industry. Our patented smart-cameras take multiple measurements more accurately than any other simulator. In real-time and throughout your ball’s flight, the software converts your measurements into visually realistic shot outcomes that provide feedback and help you refine your golf game.


We measure all critical input & ball parameters to analyze each shot you make on each simulator. There are, at minimum, 4 individual cameras capturing your swing. Those cameras analyze spin, club head speed, launch angle, swing path, object contact (heel/toe), club face (open/closed), and smash factor.

Put together, you receive feedback you can’t get even from a golf pro which supports your improvement to solidify the muscle memory you need to better your game.


The Sports Buffet’s HD Golf has revolutionized 3D modeling software to incorporate real course data including hi-resolution digital, geophysical, and satellite images into your player experience. We have the only golf simulator to use real course data so courses LOOK and PLAY like the real course.

Simulated GOLF Courses

 Short of dusting off your passport and jumping on a plane,  this is the best place to experience world-class courses right here in Silverthorne.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery and the serenity of golfing’s most iconic locations using the most technologically advanced golf simulator with great views and realistic 3-D modeling of every hole.


We’re sure you have a list of world-famous golf courses on your bucket list! 

Short of dusting off your passport and jumping on a plane this is a great way to experience world-class courses right here in the Colorado mountains.  At The Sports Buffet you can enjoy our collection of iconic golf courses indoors with your friends or take a stroll on your own. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and the serenity of golfing’s most iconic locations on our technologically advanced golf simulator with views and 3-D modeling of every hole.

Jasper Park Lodge

Canada’s #1 golf resort for over 20 years, this 18-hole layout by Canada’s master golf architect Stanley Thompson, includes splendidly rugged, dramatic bunkering and holes highlighting distant Rocky Mountain vistas of the Jasper National Park. Stanley’s design is 98 years in the making – iconic doesn’t even begin to describe this course.

Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach was home to the US Open Golf Tournament in 2019 for the sixth time – more than any other golf course in the last fifty years! Why? Because it is the most iconic and beautiful public golf course in the United States. Located on California’s Monterey Peninsula, you’ll want to experience this one-of-a-kind course for yourself, the greatest meeting of land and sea in all of the top golf courses.

St Andrews Old Course

Explore the historic birthplace of golf on the Old Course of St. Andrews, Scotland. This is the most iconic and oldest golf course anywhere in the world. Recognized around the world, enjoy the features like the unique sand traps, the Swilcan Bridge, and the Hell Bunker without a flight to Edinburgh, UK. 

Wolf Creek Golf Club

The surreal surroundings of this 100 Top Golf course in Mesquite, Nevada features unique red rock vistas, desert, mesas, and steep cliffs by course architect Dennis Rider. No need to be concerned with the desert heat, sunburn, or wind when playing on our HD golf simulators!

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How long does it take to play an HD golf course?

Choose the option to play either 9 or 18 holes for your time estimate.

2 players on 9 holes = 1 hour

4 players on 18 holes = 4 hours

Troon North Monument

Scottsdale, Arizona is known for its fabulous weather and even more fabulous golf. Troon North Golf Club Monument Course is a pure Sonoran desert classic course with lush fairways winding through arroyos, huge saguaro cacti, and mesquite.

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