Meet Owners Mike & Meredith

Our Mission Statement:   We are here to provide a quality, indoor simulated sports development facility that is available to everyone.  We enjoy promoting love of the game, sportsmanship and a fun avenue for health & fitness.

At The Sports Buffet we believe the true value of sports lies in the cultivation of sportsmanship* & community through participation. We are a Summit-owned business for Summit people.

We believe in treating others with fairness & respect in all situations. We believe in Teamwork, Community & Paying it Forward

In short, Try Not to Suck!

*Sportsmanship is the  “Fair and generous behavior or treatment of others, especially in a sports contest: He displayed great sportsmanship in defeat | the spirit of sportsmanship was not lost between the two teams.”

30+ sports in one room is a game changer! It even has basketball and doubles as a cinema.

- Kyle Lowry

Buy your Punch Pass!


The best way to experience The Sports Buffet's high-definition sports simulators is by purchasing a punch pass for loads of sports fun!

Punch cards offer discounted sessions so buy now, come in often and bring your friends (up to 6 players per room)!  You can use as many punches at one time as you'd like.  Just reserve your time and use the Punch Pass Discount Code at the time of booking.

Punch cards are fully transferrable.


Punch Passes:

 4   1-Hour Sessions  = $275 (Save $5)
10  1-Hour Sessions  = $680 (Save $20)
20  1-Hour Sessions  = $1,300  (Save $100)
50  1-Hour Sessions - $3,000 (Save $500)
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