Meet Owners Mike & Meredith

Our Mission Statement:   We are here to provide a quality, indoor simulated sports development facility that is available to everyone.  We enjoy promoting love of the game, sportsmanship and a fun avenue for health & fitness.

At The Sports Buffet we believe the true value of sports lies in the cultivation of sportsmanship* & community through participation. We are a Summit-owned business for Summit people.

We believe in treating others with fairness & respect in all situations. We believe in Teamwork, Community & Paying it Forward

In short, Try Not to Suck!

*Sportsmanship is the  “Fair and generous behavior or treatment of others, especially in a sports contest: He displayed great sportsmanship in defeat | the spirit of sportsmanship was not lost between the two teams.”

30+ sports in one room is a game changer! It even has basketball and doubles as a cinema.

- Kyle Lowry

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